Jackie Subeck is a Rockstar | Americans For Safe Access – June 2017

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From: Sarah Armstrong industry@safeaccessnow.org
Subject: Jackie Subeck is a Rock Star – Join Us For ASA’s Lobby Day and Help Us Push AB 1578 Forward
Date: June 3, 2017 at 3:11 PM

Our sincere apologies to Jackie Subeck, who is not Lisa and is not affiliated with Women Grow. We inadvertently misstated her name and affiliation yesterday when we pointed out how her eleventh hour activism helped push AB 1578 through the California Assembly. Here is more about what happened:


AB 1578 was facing strong opposition from law enforcement. This is understandable, since the intent of the bill is to stop local and state agencies (including law enforcement) from freely sharing information about those sheltering under state cannabis programs. Currently, agencies can share information, no warrant or court order required. The bill would require a court order before information could be released.


The bill had passed through committee and under the leadership of the DPA, which co-sponsored the bill, had garnered a number of endorsements. It’s understandable that many may have not have realized that law enforcement was putting up such a strong last minute push to defeat the bill.


On Thursday the vote came up. A number of Los Angeles cannabis stakeholders and most of the City’s cannabis activists, were at a gathering in downtown Los Angeles. Internet connectivity at the venue is a little sketchy. The fact that AB 1578 was suddenly in trouble, was not showing up on people’s radar the way it should have been.


Perhaps realizing this, Ms. Subeck took the podium and asked everyone in the room who was a constituent of any of the assembly members whose votes were in jeopardy to please call their electeds and voice their support for the bill. She was ready to go with a list of assembly members and phone numbers.  People immediately went to their phones and made the calls, despite the fact it meant they were going to miss part of a very interesting presentation.


AB 1578 passed by one vote. And who was that one vote? It may well have been one of the people on Ms. Subeck’s list. Most likely Assemblyman Daly of Anaheim who had initially intended to vote no, then who changed his vote after the calls were finished. We will probably never know if it was the last minute phone calls to the assembly member that caused him to change his vote, but a study has shown that elected officials are six times more likely to be swayed by a constituent than they are a lobbyist.


We do know that if Ms. Subeck had not been in the room and paying attention, many of Southern California’s Cannabis Community would not have known the bill was in trouble or been in a position to take action. The bill passed with a bare majority. Ms. Subeck’s quick


witted action may well have been the catalyst. Don’t ever think your voice doesn’t matter. It does.


On Monday, Americans for Safe Access will be meeting with the legislative staff assigned to the bill to see what we can do to work towards seeing it pass in the Senate. We invite you to join us for ASA’s Annual Sacramento Lobby Day Monday, June 5th, which this visit will be part of. The deadline to make an appointment with your elected official has passed, but we will teach you how to do a “drop in” visit and there are several global meetings with elected’s staff you can attend. You can access information about lobby day at: http://www.californiacitizenlobbyday.org/


For those of you coming from Southern California, Southwest Airlines has flights all day long between Burbank and Sacramento. Lobby day is set up so that you can fly into Sacramento in the morning and still make it home on an evening flight.